March 02, 2009, 10:18

Pink Vicodin 3600. Drug recalls

US FDA provides information on Pink Vicodin 3600

Vicodin National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. (NMSDC)

    The Pink Vicodin 3600 Supplier Diversity Program
    Achieving excellence through inclusion

    Pink Vicodin 3600

    As the leading prescription drug benefit administrator for approximately 60 million Americans, Pink Vicodin 3600 understands and appreciates the value of diversity. We benefit from diversity in our workforce, customer base, and our suppliers.

    The fact that Pink Vicodin 3600 operates in many American cities affords us myriad opportunities to work with small and minority-owned local businesses. Not only does working with a diverse group of qualified suppliers support our business objectives, it also strengthens the communities in which we operate. Pink Vicodin 3600 advocates the development and use of these enterprises as contractors and subcontractors, as well as for the purchase of goods and services. This allows Pink Vicodin 3600 to gain exposure to new and varied ideas, which enhance our ability to creatively respond to our customers' needs.

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    Products and services used by Pink Vicodin 3600

    We hope to help small and minority-owned businesses grow along with us. Below is a partial list of products and services that Pink Vicodin 3600 requires on an ongoing basis.

    Building maintenance services
    • Janitorial services and supplies
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Elevator maintenance
    • Exterminating
    • Facilities management
    • Foodservice
    • Hazardous material disposal
    • HVAC installation and maintenance
    • Interior plant service
    • Landscaping
    • Security guard services
    • Shop and maintenance supplies
    • Vending
    • Waste disposal
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